Bingo Dictionary

1) guide to playing bingo online
2) Bingo glossary

Here we list common words and terms in bingo.


Setting at bingo games online that allows the program to automatically check the boxes.

Basket Bingo

Bingo Games with prizes awarded instead of money.

Bingo board / Game board

A board where all uppropade number.

Bingo hall (bingo hall)

Hall where you play bingo, either a physical bingo hall or the site you play on.

Bingo ticket (Card / Bingo card)

The tray with your bingo numbers, it is at this you must collect patterns or rows to get bingo. Another word for bingo card can be the ”Face”.

Picture Bingo (Bingo board / game board)

Blackboard with the uppropade numbers.

Bingo Marker (Bingo chips)

Physically often a pen that you use to mark uppropade numbers on your bingo card. On the internet often the mouse that you use to ”click in” uppropade numbers on your bingo card. Often you can let this be handled automatically when you play bingo online.

Bingo Caller (Caller)

The person, or the software if you play online, who calls out the bingo numbers.

Chat (chat room)

Here you can discuss and talk to your fellow players during the game.

Dutta (Daub)

To mark the numbers on the bingo card. Added to this is the bingo marker.

Cash (Cashier)

Here you can fund your bingo account with more money or withdraw money you won.

The minimum bet (minimum buy-in)

The minimum amount you have to bet to get a bingo card.

Progressive Jackpot (Progressive Jackpot)

A jackpot that constantly increases with time until someone wins the whole sum.