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Poker Guide – Tips on starting hands

1) Tips on different starting hands in poker
2) Tips on what to do after the flop in poker

High pair – AA KK QQ

Saidhave dkskcqsq.

It’s These hands you waiting. Now is the time to press the gas. The goal before the flop is to get money into the pot and reduce the number of opponents to one or at most two. In pots That are alreadycreated created raised and re-raised QQ loses strength and it might be worth throwing in the towel. In this situation you will encounter thwart another couple (higher or lower) and AK. The combined Chance That You are alreadycreated created beaten, and thatthere is an ace or a king on the flop makes it quite Difficult to draw the longest highwaymen. With AA and KK, just put the next gear and raise again. AA and KK are the only hands That play well in counter-raised pots.

I recommend That You actually throw most other hand-in That situation. It obviously depends on what you are playing against. Important Considerations with the high pairs are not to boast your strong hand. Try to occasionally limp from early position or to just call a raise. That way you’ll have more chance to get more money after the flop.

High middle pairs – JJ TT 99 88


Also, the high between the pairs is almost always worth playing, you just have to slow down a anning. I recommend That You call with them from early position at a full table and raises them from the middle and late position.

If the pot is raised, it is worth taking a sight. Will rise from a loose player, or the person who raises in late position, it May be time to re-raise. With These pairs will flop, thwart with one or more of the cards, there fore thwart stay connected a set to continue after the flop.

Middle and small pairs – 77 66 55 44 33 22


The lower pair, the more necessary a set to continue after the flop. The low pairs can still be played aggressively, for example from the button to take the pot before the flop, or to vary their game. The reason that a set with a lower pair is very much worth the chance that your opponent overestimates his hand if he hits a high pair. Dream scenario is that you raise before the flop with a small pair, catches sight of AK and you hit a set while your opponent hits an A.



There is a big difference between AK and AQ. If you are being gutted with AQ against AK you are a fish, do not be. A high kicker is a hand that many overestimate. They are strong hands if you hit the flop, but it makes you just about every third time. That will often just call a raise and then based on what the flop is. Is pot really great is the worst thing you can do to call. Set, or throw in the muck. If you re-raise, do it with a vengeance.

However, if you raise when you are first in the pot, it is contrary to what many believe good not to raise too much. With the large increase scares you easily remove the only hands that will give you charge a lot, namely ace with worse kicker.



Problem Hands if you play them in raised pots against more than one opponent because they are dominated by stronger hands such as AK and AQ. Small pots against an opponent from late position is preferable, even if they are playable also from middle position.

Ax KT R9 QT Q9


Do you play these types of hands against multiple opponents is you usually would be in trouble. However, you can play them from late position in an unraised pot. In big pots have these hands, nothing to do, they are just too weak. Ideally you just want to steal the blinds and if you get called, take the pot with a small bet on the flop.

T9s 76s 54s


Paired cards in color is best played in much the same way that low pair. They work from any position and sometimes you can raise them to vary up and hopefully find a monster hit.

97s 53s 43s


Paired cards in color is best played in much the same way that low pair. They work from any position and sometimes you can raise them to vary up and hopefully find a monster hit.

97s 53s 43s


With a gap chances for straight draw less because usually I personally take it pretty easy with these hands from early position at a full table. From the mid-and late position, however, I love to play them. Take it easy on them in raised pots and just wait for that golden hit.

T7S 74s 32s


Hands with two intervals is even weaker but still game worth from late position and prior to vary his game. Persist man with playing this kind of hands in raised pots (which I do), you often rely on their ability to bluff the pot, the truth is that you do not meet very often. Important to add is that you often get paid well when the ladder is well seated.

98 87 65


Really not much more than junk, but sitting on the button and some already have limped so why not take a chance. Hardly worth playing for a raise.